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The Need for Certainty When Everything is at Stake

COVID-19 has caused many Americans, including me, to be anxious about the future: will my family be financially secure? Will my family stay healthy? Although no one knows what the future holds, as Americans we all know this: America is the greatest country the world has ever known, and the American people are the greatest people the world has ever known. America and Americans will get through this and thrive on the other side of it.

If you are charged with a crime, that charge brings with it a tremendous amount of uncertainty: will I be convicted? Will I go to prison? If so, how long? What will my family do without me? If you are a party in a civil case, that civil case also brings with it uncertainty: will the defendant be required to pay me money? Will I be required to pay the plaintiff money? People charged with crimes and parties to lawsuits, like all people, want certainty. But, again, no one knows what the future holds. You should run from any lawyer who guarantees you an outcome.

Even though you can’t ever be sure how your case will be resolved until it is resolved, if you choose the right lawyer you can be sure of a few things. You can be sure that your lawyer is doing everything possible to obtain the best possible outcome for you under the circumstances. You can be sure that your lawyer truly cares about you and what happens to you. And you can be sure that your lawyer has the skill, the talent, and the experience to give you the greatest advantage over the other side.

If you want this certainty when times are most uncertain, call me.

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