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  • University of South Carolina School of Law, Columbia

    • Juris Doctor Degree, ​2001

    • Member, South Carolina Law Review

    • Recipient of the Cali Award (for highest grade) for Legal and Equitable Remedies

  • Furman University

    • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science​, cum laude, 1998


Over the years, Andy has been asked to conduct training for other lawyers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil practitioners, and others.  Below is a list of some of these presentations:

  • "The Opioid Epidemic and Federal Law Enforcement's Response" (2019) - Presentation given to healthcare professionals on how the federal government is combating the opioid crisis; 

  • "It's All A Game:  Top Trial Lawyers Tackle Evidence" (2019 CLE sponsored by the S.C. Bar Association) - Presentation on being an effective advocate in evidentiary matters;

  • "A Baseline for Excellence in Prosecution" (2019) - Presentation given to all Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the District of South Carolina on how to investigate and prosecute complex federal cases;

  • "It's All A Game:  Top Trial Lawyers Tackle Evidence" (2018 CLE sponsored by the S.C. Bar Association) - Presentation on the co-conspirator exemption to the hearsay rule;

  • "Opioid Prosecutions:  State v. Federal" (2018) - Presentation on the advantages of prosecuting drug cases in federal court versus state court given to narcotics unit supervisors in state and local police departments from across the State of South Carolina;

  • "Defining Success for the Prosecution Team" (2018) - Presentation on how prosecutors and police can work together to more effectively investigate and target defendants; 

  • "It's All A Game:  Top Trial Lawyers Tackle Evidence" (2017 CLE sponsored by the S.C. Bar Association) - A presentation on F.R.E 613;

  • Greenville County Bar Association CLE (2017) - Presentation on how F.R.E. 613 and S.C.R.E. 613 are interpreted differently and on the process by which one introduces extrinsic evidence of an inconsistent statement;

  • Federal Bar Association's Annual Event: Introduction to Federal Practice (2016) - Presentation on the practice of criminal law in federal district court and a discussion of a few differences between practicing in federal district court and state general sessions court;

  • "It's All A Game:  Top Trial Lawyers Tackle Evidence" (2016 CLE sponsored by the S.C. Bar Association) - A presentation on the application of the rules of evidence to body camera videos;

  • Greenville County Bar Association CLE (2016) - Presentation on the evidentiary challenges associated with body camera videos;

  • Greenville County Bar Association CLE (2016) - Participated in a panel with Associate Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court John C. Few in a plenary session to discuss concepts associated with the importance of civility in the practice of law;

  • United States Probation Office Annual Guidelines Seminar, Greenville (2015) - Presentation on the importance of civility in the practice of law and recommendations for maintaining and improving civility between lawyers who participate in our adverbial system of justice;

  • South Carolina Solicitor's Association Annual Conference (2015) - Presentation on authentication pursuant to S.C.R.E. 901 and F.R.E. 901​;

  • "It's All A Game:  Top Trial Lawyers Tackle Evidence" (2015 CLE sponsored by the S.C. Bar Association) - A presentation on authentication of evidence pursuant to F.R.E. 901;

  • Criminal Interdition Seminar, National Criminal Enforcement Association (2014) - Presentation on the application of the Fourth Amendment to traffic stops;

  • U.S. Attorney's Office Retreat (2014) - Participated on a panel of other Assistant U.S. Attorneys for the purpose of discussing obligations prosecutors have associated with the production of discovery;

  • South Carolina Solicitor's Association Annual Conference (2013) - A presentation on the challenges associated with the authentication of Facebook and other social media evidence;

  • South Carolina Solicitor's Association Annual Conference (2013) - A presentation entitled the "Anatomy of a Traffic Stop" - Specifically, the presentation suggested a mode of analysis to be used for Fourth Amendment issues that often arise in the context of traffic stops.  

  • United States Secret Service Certificate of Appreciation (2019) - Awarded by the Director of the Secret Service "in special recognition of (Andy's) efforts and superior contributions to the law enforcement responsibilities of the United States Secret Service;"  
  • Award from the Director of the FBI (2017) "for (Andy's) demonstrated excellence in successfully prosecuting a major criminal case, Operation Silver Sunset, investigated by the FBI.  (Andy's) work shows that one person can indeed make a difference in the priority efforts to develop a higher level of public safety for all Americans.  The FBI is proud to have been a partner with (Andy) in this important case."  
  • United States Attorney's "Go To Person" Award (2014) - received "in recognition of (Andy's) valuable effort to enhance effectiveness of the office mission."

Andy Moorman of Moorman Law Firm, Greenville South Carolina based law firm specializing in criminal cases in circuit and federal court
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